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Wall of Kindness Pakistan

Wall of Kindness Pakistan

Sometimes a small act of kindness by anyone can get an unexpected attention from the general public and encourages more people to follow in their footsteps. The Wall of Kindness which is located in Hayatabad, Peshawar is one such image that it is getting a lot of attention from different people across the country.

As we enter Hayatabad  from the University Road over the flyover, people will find a portion of wall along the roadside have been painted orange. That wall has been named The Wall of Kindness. If someone looks closely one can find a couple of coats, a few sweaters and some other warn cloths hanging in the hooks on the wall.


The cloths which are being hanged on the wall are denoted by the people who do not need them anymore. These cloths are meant for those homeless, laborers, orphaned kids or anyone who can not afford warm cloths to fight off the cold. The needy visit this place and grab whatever they need to use.

A group of few young volunteers had painted this wall, the wall basically is a wall of a tube well near a CNG station on Phase 3 Road, the painting process was started on January 30th and named it The Wall of Kindness or “Deewar-e-Mehrubani”.

This idea was copied by Asad Ali and a couple of his friends from the almost the same initiative in Iran where a lot of such walls were painted by the youth in Mashhad, Shiraz, Sirjan and other cities as an idea to help the poor and the needy Iranians. The same kind of wall was the later on seen in Liuzhuo city of Guangxi which is in China.


The Wall of Kindness got an unexpected response in Iran and China. The same idea was presented by two fine women in Karachi. The slogan for the Wall of Kindness is “Leave what you don’t need and take if you need it”.

People passing by leave their jackets, coats or any cloth which they do not desire on the hooks and those who need these things can silently take them without being noticed by anyone. Wadaan, the volunteers who painted the wall, in their Facebook message said that the idea was recommended to them by some of the friends in Iran.

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