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Places to visit in Lahore, when on your tour

Places to visit in Lahore, when on your tour

Lahore, the capital city of Punjab and the 16th most popular city in the world has a lot for its visitors to see. The reason of Lahore being a best place for its visitors is the rich history it has.from 11

Initiating from 11th century till now, Lahore has been the capital city of numerous empires, including Hindu Shahi, British Raj, Mughal and Sikh Empire. The reason for Lahore being famous for its historical places comes from all the above empires which never let Lahore down and made it more and more tourism rich.

Development in Lahore has never stopped. Starting from the time when it was known till now, there has been development all the time. For this reason, when you have a look at the list of Places to visit in Lahore, you will see new and historical places at the same time.

What we have for you here is a mix of all the best places of Lahore. While your stay over there, you must not forget any of these best places to visit in Lahore.

Anarkali Bazar, Lahore

If you visit Lahore and you don’t go shopping, you haven’t visited Lahore then. Among all other big markets and best shopping places, Anarkali Bazar is one historical market. Its history goes back to 200 years and is known to be one of the oldest market in South Asia. This market brings everything for you, from jewels and garments to handicrafts and some delicious food.


The market actually is small streets connecting to each other by the end. Each street has numerous shops holding same items of different styles, colors and prices. This makes it easy for the visitors, not to roam around and look for things instead you could easily know where you would find a certain item.

The good thing is that you will get everything low on cost as compared to some big shopping malls. The vendors and sellers are so polite that they make you happy visiting Anarkali Bazar and you would wish to go there again and again.

 Data Durbar, Lahore

Durbar (a shrine) is a place dedicated to some ancestor, saint or a hero maybe. Here at Lahore, this place is dedicated to Data Ganj Bakhsh (a Sufi saint). For years people have been visiting this place for his blessings and people from all religions are welcome here.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Political leader of PML-N from Pakistan is a frequent visitor of Data Durbar. On special occasions and Prominent Islamic days, this place is decorated with lights, Sufi music is played and dinner is arranged for the visitors.

The good thing is that if you visit Anarkali Bazar, then this place is just two turn left. You must visit this Lahore historical place as well.


King Edward Medical University, Lahore

Again if you were at Anarkali Bazar, this place is just where the market ends at its extreme left.

King Edward Medical University is one of the oldest medical college in Pakistan. It is best known in the public sector universities and the topper students of several entrance tests gets their dream true of getting admission here.

It is yet another historical places to visit in Lahore. Its history goes back to 1860 and is named after the late King, Edward VII. It is also known to be the 4th oldest medical institute of South Asia.

 Shahi Qila, Lahore

Lahore Fort, also known as Shahi Qila is one of the best historical place. It really depicts the historical looks and story of Lahore. It tells that all the stories of history related to Lahore are in fact true.

It was built back in 16th century by Mughal Emperor Akbar. The art and work seen inside amazes a person and makes him think, how people from 16th century can do such work?

There are stones used in the walls which shines at night and then there is Shish Mahal, which is purely made out of glasses and mirrors. Walking through Shish Mahal makes you feel like you are not on earth anymore.

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

Alamgiri gate opens towards Badshahi Mosque, so if you are at Lahore fort then you should visit this place too. Badshahi Mosque is known to be 2nd largest Mosque in Pakistan and the 5th Largest in the world.

It can accommodate over 1, 00,000 worships at a time. It was constructed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, this shows his love for construction.

Badshahi Mosque has been a historical place of Lahore for years now and people visit it daily in big numbers.

The good thing is that at the entrance to the left is the tomb of one famous poet and philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal. This whole place is a great place of happiness for Pakistanis because while seeing the places to visit in Lahore, they also come across the tomb of the person who suggested Pakistan and had an idea of independent state for Muslims.


Iqbal Park, formerly known as Minto Park is one of the famous places of Lahore where Lahore resolution was passed in March 1940. It was the first official call for an independent state for Muslims of the subcontinent.

Later in 1960, there was constructed Minar-e-Pakistan. It is a monument to recall the Lahore resolution. This place also has a great value for Pakistanis. It is located besides Badshahi Mosque, across the road.

Big number of tourists and Lahori locals visit this place. It is a historical place but a good park as well. It is well maintained and people like to go there often.


Lahore Zoo

This is a place where visitors from other places and locals themselves loves to go at free times. It is known to be the 4th oldest zoo of the world and is counted among some great zoos of the world.

Its history goes back to 1872. Now it is under the control of Wildlife and Parks department of Government of Pakistan. It has a large number of animals including Giraffe, Elephants, Lions, various birds and reptiles along with numerous others.

Lahore Zoo is a must go place while you are at Lahore. No one wants to miss seeing a zoo which comes among the best zoos of the world.

 Government College University, Lahore

Founded in 1864, this public sector university means a lot to Pakistan and its citizens. It has produced some fine scholars including two noble prize holders Dr. Abdus Salam and Har Gobind Khorana.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a great philosopher and poet also is the production of GC University. Besides, many other leaders of Pakistan are the graduates of GC University, Lahore.

It is now one of the best institute in Pakistan for anyone who has to fulfil his dreams of becoming a literature scholar. All the students over here have their own way of thinking and all of them speak in a philosophical manner which shows the degree of formal education been provided in here.

 Wahga Border, Lahore

Most of the times spelled “Wagha” but actually it is “Wahga”. This is a village at the Pak-India border, although the border is almost 2,912 km but this place is specially constructed and gates are made which shows the existence of borders. This is the only linking road between these two countries.

Everyday flag lowering ceremony takes place at 0400 hrs. (GMT +5). People loves to see this ceremony and thousands of people go there and enjoy the warm moments.


Taking part in this ceremony makes the citizens of Pakistan very energetic as it reminds them of their independency and that are a free country, living and earning on their own efforts.

 Sozo Water Park, Lahore

If you are visiting Wahga Border then should not miss going to Sozo Water Park on the way. It is a theme a water theme park and one of the best in Lahore. In summers, people love to go there and stay in water for hours.

It has got 3 different swimming pools and a 4th one separately for ladies. It also has some good and high slides into deep water which is great fun coming down. It also has got a giant waves pool, where waves are generated after a while and gives you the real joy of waves.

All these are some best places to visit in Lahore amongst all other famous places of Lahore. Lahore as said earlier is one of the best place to visit in Pakistan. It has got historical places and some other recently developed places as well. It is a place worth visiting because it has been developed since 11th century and yet hasn’t stopped.

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