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Orange line Metro Lahore | Pakistan Towards Development

Orange line Metro Lahore | Pakistan Towards Development

As our country Pakistan is a developing country  and is moving  towards development, government is also working on different projects in all cities of Pakistan to provide the best facilities for our nation. Transport is one of the major problem in our country,  Each day our citizens face a lot of problems in Pakistan especially in Lahore because of crowds of vehicles which adds large quantity of hydrocarbons into air and results in significant risks for human health. To overcome all these problems in Lahore, chief minister Shahbaz Sharif give another facility of Orange train or in other words, Orange line Metro to the citizens of Lahore which will help in reducing many problems of citizens like there won’t be crowds of cars, air pollution and citizens will travel easily to their destinations with the help of Orange train or Orange line Metro. The agreement was signed by chief minister Shahbaz sharif in the presence of president of Pakistan and china as witnessed in 2014. The project will take 27 months to complete and will also be implemented in other cities of the country to facilitate the citizens and overcome their problems.


Orange line Metro of Lahore

Orange line of Lahore Metro is under construction which will connect Raiwind, Multan, Mcleod road, Lahore railway junction station and the Grand trunk road when the project is completed and 27 stations will be built in different places of Lahore in which some of the places are mentioned above. It is a first country’s transit train system and punjab government is constructing such facility with the collaboration of the friendly country china. The corridor of orange train will be capable of accommodating  two orange trains and will be capable of carrying 30,000 passengers per hour, 250,000 per day and will reach 500,000 till 2025. The track of orange line metro will be of 27.1 kilometers long. The project is in the stage of planning and it will cost $1.6 billion in completion and the different Chinese companies will work on the design of orange line metro Lahore also it will be constructed by Chinese companies besides from that Chinese companies will also monitor the work on the project of orange line metro.

Benefits of Orange line Metro Lahore

There are many benefits of introducing Orange line Metro in Lahore. There won’t be big number of vehicles on the roads any more. The people will reach their destinations in less time because the Orange line Metro is the fastest mean of transport. The other biggest impact of Orange line metro is that it will save fuels like CNG, Petrol, Diesel etc because Orange train needs electricity and our nation can save their money easily as nowadays we are wasting a lot of money on  transport also we can use these fuels for  means like running of industries and factories without any shortage of fuel. By introducing the Orange line metro it will have great impact on health because there will be less number of cars, there will be less air pollution and people will be safe from many harmful diseases.

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