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Muniba Mazari | An Inspiration for the Nation, Pride of Pakistan

Muniba Mazari | An Inspiration for the Nation, Pride of Pakistan

We Pakistanis are going through a chaos,Right?.But why dont we think about something postive in our country rather than talking negative about our country.Actually if we are able to change the mindset of pakistanis,the existence of fear will vanish.Muniba Mazari is one of those inpirational personalites which is going on a path that will vanish the fear from our society through her artistic abilities.

Muniba mazari comes among those people who have dedicated their lives in service of others and they care about other people’s needs more than their own. These are the people who work for other people’s benefits all their lives and work more than others are capable of doing. When a person experiences with such accident,it is really difficult to handle your situation . These accidents take individuals on a constructive path or a destructive journey. Either way, it also brings out the true personality of a person that can be extremely beneficial to others or can be harmful to others as well. Muniba Mazari, a 27 years old girl is one of those girls, who was involved in such an accident. The life brought her to this path, where she could choose a constructive journey or travel towards destruction. This horrible accident brought the best out of Muniba. She rose to the top with extreme energy and positive attitude that started to affect her surroundings and people around her in positive way. Often the inner darkness or the inner beauty shines through a person. The inner beauty of Muniba Mazari shone through her personality and enlightened her surroundings. Her attitude forced other people to be attracted towards her, not only because of her personality but her positive thoughts and attitude.

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women has named Muniba Mazari as Pakistan’s first female Goodwill Ambassador to advance gender equality and empowerment of women.

During her Bachelor career commencement in Fine Arts, she met that road accident which made her paraplegic. Despite the fact that she is bound and restricted from physical activities due to the disability, her soul and sense of imagination knows no limits. Indeed, she takes the anguish of spinal cord injury as a test and is more resolved to express her conclusions of thoughts through her work of art. As of now, Her Business goes by the name ‘Muniba’s Canvas‘ with the trademark ‘Let Your Walls Wear Colors’.

The dedication to work for other people’s benefits, the perseverance and passion to help the less unfortunate people became the goal of Muniba’s life.
In that tragic traffic accident, half of Muniba’s body was crushed and half was paralyzed. This caused Muniba to require a wheel chair, which became a part of her life. This accident paralyzed her body but it also gave her the vision and energy to collect herself and start a journey, a journey which became a mission of her life. When she started to push her wheel chair, she left many people behind who were running and had no physical challange but also had no goal, no aim or no vision. In one of her speech, from start to finish, Muniba had nothing but hope, the light and a message to live for others and not to give up on life. The words she used in her speech were so powerful, but the message and the devotion behind those words were even more powerful. The speech showed what Muniba Mazari was about. She has been quite a brilliant and eye opener with her speeches and made people among the youth her fans, not just by her outstanding work but with her motivational thoughts but she is also spreading a message “NEVER GIVE UP”. People start to think how a person that has lost her legs can be so lively and this thinking is giving everyone a new chance to look at life with a totally different and open perspective. So she has now started her work again as an academic and content writer, but one day she noticed an advertisement about polio and children with disabilities.

This is when she realized that small hearts might not be as strong as hers and she decided to help them discover their true selves, outside from the boundaries of their physical disability. She decided to help them survive in their struggle and to make them write their own success story. Muniba Mazari broke the stereotype and a biased opinion in the society that people with disabilities are a liability; instead she is working hard to show them they are bright flowers.She has such a positive message for people who come across a little trouble, a test from God or any difficulty that arises in their lives even though they cannot or don’t want to face little things. Her enthusiasm and commitment for her mission work like a magnet, which attracts so many people to work with her to achieve her goals to serve humanity.

Indeed We are blessed to have such personalities in Pakistan ! As Muniba says “NEVER GIVE UP”.If are able to make the mindset of pakistanis like this,Much more such inspirational personalities will be born in Pakistan.

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