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IT in Pakistan | History, Present and its future impact

IT in Pakistan | History, Present and its future impact

Pakistan is in a very exciting and decisive stage. Decisions taken now will have a far-reaching impact on our future. Politically things can’t be any better to steer our economy in a new direction. The need of the moment is to invest in gradually moving Pakistan away from an industrial base to a service based economy. IT in Pakistan is a service industry that can provide a significant boost to our economic growth in next ten years. This industry can provide us numerous jobs in Pakistan.

IT is not as old in Pakistan as in the developed countries. We found IT even after the countries of India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. It was the era of late 60’s when 2nd generation computer was installed in Karachi. In the 80’s, the name of computer science and information technology got the popularity in Pakistan. So we can consider ourselves late starters if we are talking about IT in Pakistan.

We have established ourselves as IT friendly nation and are contributing towards the achievements of IT industry in the world. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the progress in the field of IT was spectacular. The governments of that particular era contributed toward IT with a great deal and courage. IT industry has now flourished in Pakistan as many IT companies and software houses are being built in all over Pakistan especially in the mega cities of Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad. Website Design Company in Lahore IT industry is also contributing towards the improvement of standards of life as IT experts are normally highly paid people.

Internet users are also increasing with leaps and bounds in Pakistan. The number of internet users has increased huge as we own 27th position in the world when we talk about internet users. More than 20 million Pakistanis use the internet at the moment and this number is increasing with handsome percentage on daily basis. Which indicates that IT in Pakistan is getting popular day by day.

If we find out the statistics, we will see that Pakistan is now playing a very leading role in IT industry. We can roughly estimate that almost 0.5 million new computers are purchased in Pakistan which is a very handsome number. The figure tells us that the awareness of IT is increasing in the society. In the last decade from 2003 to 2014, the progress of IT industry is wonderful. The exports of IT products from Pakistan have a rapid change and now a handsome foreign exchange is coming to Pakistan now.  The growth rate of IT products in Pakistan is on increase from last many years. If we see IT exports of 2003, this was only $202 million. But the estimated target of 2014-15 is around $530million which is more than the double from 2003-2004. The proposed target of 2017-18 is $1230 million. It means that the government is now more focused and determined to facilitate IT industry with zeal and wants to increase the facilities for IT in Pakistan.

The basic need for IT industry is the human resource. If we can complete the demand of IT industry, we can make the exports in multi billion dollars. There is a need of producing minimum 50, 000 IT graduates every year to meet the need of the market. Vocational trainings and diplomas are also required to prepare a support team as well who will work with Web Design Company Lahore. For providing such degrees and certifications, Pakistan needs some very good public and private sector universities and vocational institutes. It is also important for the development of to give easy access of internet and telecommunications services in all over Pakistan.


The software houses in Pakistan are recognized internationally so the trend of making software houses in on increase as well. These software houses are responsible for showing a bright future of IT in Pakistan. These software houses are also providing services to Pakistani organizations as well. These are the responsible to generate a sense of computer and internet in the public. The contribution towards generating profits locally and foreign exchange from international market is the basic aim of these houses. The job opportunities in Pakistan are also increasing on daily basis so the trend of IT education is evolving.

These software houses are also responsible for getting the international projects as many countries outsource IT services from Pakistan. The rates are not as high as internationally have so those people try to find some suitable person for working on their projects or products. By making this practice, Pakistani software houses and free lancers are getting the projects and are generating good revenue for themselves and Pakistan as well.

We can conclude all by saying that Pakistan is a developing country overall but our IT sector is performing well in the international market. We can expect that within few coming years, we have the abilities to get better results for our country and find our place as one of the top exporters of IT products in the world. Moreover, we will be able to make Pakistan economically a prosperous and developed country.

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