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Iron Gaming Cafe | One of the best gaming zones in Pakistan

Iron Gaming Cafe | One of the best gaming zones in Pakistan

Most of us do not know much about gaming zones in Pakistan.We are writing this article in order to aware people about the positive impact of the presence of gaming zones in a country.We take gaming zones just as a part entertainment where we would go and enjoy ourselves but this can help us alot in raising our economy.We can see worldwide where tournaments are being hosted in different countries.We can host tournaments as we are capable of it because we have gaming zones which can host international tournaments like Iron gaming cafe which is one of the best gaming zones in Pakistan.

We love the fact that most of the gamers don’t get chills in playing games at home.They just want to go the gaming zones where they can play with their full heart out.This is the one of the trends which keeps us Pakistani when we use to go to the gaming zones and play Tekken and other games on that arcade gaming machine where we had to insert a coin in order to play.With the period of time,technology has advanced so much that we came to an era of virtual reality.The gaming zones are still present but much more advanced.Pakistan is now one of those countries where you would get advanced technology gaming zones and this is something that we should be proud of.


Iron Gaming Cafe was founded in the hope to revive eSports in Pakistan with the image of being a potential career path for the upcoming generation and not a stage for wasting time and effort previously perceived. By providing high end gaming equipment, Iron Gaming Cafe has helped in closing the gap between good quality gaming, ambiance and affordability. At Iron Gaming cafe they try to promote gaming as a positive role player in the life and development of kids to ensure that, they have a strict policy of no school/college going children during school hours. At Iron Gaming Cafe they have a 94% customer retention rate with new customers coming in daily through the doors! Their genre is gaming, mainly computer and console gaming with high end PCs and have a special game room for those hardcore 5v5 crunch matches on LAN, that offer exclusivity and a unique gaming experience. They are one of the first in Pakistan to offer 3D console gaming with PS4 and XBOXs. Iron Gaming Cafe is proud to be home to some of the top teams of Pakistan including CODs DD clan and DotAs starlets ANTHRAXXX, RusH, and many more.


You learn more from playing with better players than playing with players of your own level. Something that Iron gaming cafe wants to promote.Their only motive is to revive eSports in Pakistan, and the only way they can do this is with the support of the people of Pakistan. To bring all the teams under one tournament, where players can meet, learn and teach each other.They want to end the social taboo linked with gaming that it’s harmful, unproductive and waste of money. They want to show that yes, people can earn and gaming can be productive. Something that Iron Gaming cafe promotes whole heartedly.So we need to invest in a field like this.We are trying to divert the mindset of investors to eSports from which Pakistan can get alot in raising their economy.

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