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Bab-e-Peshawar Flyover Authenticates KPK’s way towards Modernization

Bab-e-Peshawar Flyover Authenticates KPK’s way towards Modernization

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa well-known for Bab-e-Khyber (although in FATA) is now having Bab e Peshawar Flyover as a sign of recognition. Bab e Peshawar Flyover is now complete and soon the KP citizens will be taking benefit out of it.

Pakistan has developed more in the past 5 years and yet amazing and good projects are being carried out. In Pakistan, we have developed some good transport systems like Metro Bus Service, Orange line and Ferry Service Punjab. Besides these, a lot more is being developed and will be benefiting the citizens once completed.

Like other provinces of Pakistan, KPK has also evolved in the past 5 years and especially in the last 3 years, when the serving government took over under the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak. The citizens with experience and the senior citizens who have seen the last 6-7 governments say that we are in a lot better position now and we will soon be called a modern city of the world as promised by PTI (a Pakistani political party).

There were no big construction projects in Peshawar city (the capital of KPK) by the present government till now but the government was very much keen about renovating and making different departments like Police and Courts etc. corruption free and also realizing individuals about their duties, which according to the citizens is pretty much successful up till now.


Bab e Peshawar Flyover

The construction started back in August 2015, and it was said to be completed in a short time of 3-4 months. It took 5 months in full completion which also is a very less time for such kind of a project.

An agreement was signed between Peshawar Development Authority and National Logistics Cell and a cost of approximately PKR. 180000 Million was said to be spent.

The Flyover is now complete and is said to be inaugurated on January, 15th 2016. Its mapping and model was always kept open for the students to research on it and help themselves in their project and Peshawar city as well by looking for more convenient ways of removing the traffic hurdles.

Location and Directions

Bab e Peshawar is built at Phase 3 chowk, Hayatabad. Phase 3 chowk is the main entrance to Hayatabad Township and the straight way from Board Bazar moves on to Karkhano Market, which then further extends to Khyber Agency and Afghanistan through Torkham.

Bab e Peshawar Flyover is 2 Kilometers away from the University of Peshawar. The road in front of Peshawar University is one of the busiest roads of Peshawar, this flyover will easily take off the traffic because the traffic will not have to stop at several U-turns as there was no flyover before.

When Entering Hayatabad, the flyover starts 500 meters ahead of where Board Bazar ends and lands back at the point where Phase 3 starts.

When leaving Hayatabad it turns to left and lands a few meters ahead of the bridge between Phase 3 and Karkhano Road, and on the right, it lands back where it starts ahead of Board Bazar.


The 2nd or the Upper level of Bab e Peshawar flyover as shown in the Pictures starts ahead of the lower level at Karkhano Road and lands back besides the lower level at Phase 3 entrance. This upper level will be used by the traffic entering Hayatabad, coming from Karkhano road.


Traffic which will go straight from Board Bazar towards Karkhano Market without entering Hayatabad will be using the road below the flyover.

KPK towards Modernization

The best sign of modernization is no issues for the citizens when traveling or doing other errands. KPK government is helping its citizens by doing so.

Bab e Peshawar Flyover will easily bring down, loads of traffic on Jamraud Road. All issues of traffic will nearly be eradicated because this flyover was a must. According to senior Citizens, this flyover was supposed to be built 5or maybe 8 years from now. But now it’s here and will be helping the citizens a lot.

KPK government has a lot in its plans, such as theme parks, a zoo and more flyovers like this one. It is also trying to make easier the use of natural gas and electricity for their citizens.

By all things that the government has in plans and is doing, KPK seems to be modernized soon. This, in turn, will help develop the economy and prosperity in Pakistan.

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